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Committee to Elect Richard Barry
District Attorney

4728 Falmouth Road
Cotuit, MA 02635


July 25, 2014

Richard Barry statement in response to DA’s involvement in the O’Brien conviction:

Yesterday a federal grand jury found former Probation Commissioner John O’Brien guilty of running the probation department like a criminal enterprise, giving jobs as favors to powerful politicians for his own benefit.

Cape and Islands District Attorney Michael O’Keefe was part of this scheme. The jury returned a guilty verdict in the hiring of the daughter of a friend of O’Keefe’s who had been sponsored by O’Keefe.

Ware ReportThe Ware Report, commissioned by the Supreme Judicial Court, provided findings that were the basis of the charges in this trial that resulted in guilty verdicts. The report focused on the Probation Department and not the politicians. Whether there will be a case involving O’Keefe and other politicians is up to US Attorney Carmen Ortiz.

I would rather be commenting on the issues, the changes I would like to make to improve the District Attorney’s office. I want to understand why the probation department cut a juvenile probation officer who split time between Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket five days a week to one day a week divided between both islands when we are in the midst of a crisis of youth addiction. I want to talk about how only one ADA was in Falmouth Court Thursday, when 55 cases were scheduled and what that means to our public safety and the rights of those accused. I want to discuss conviction rates and how victims fare in this system. ‘

But once again we are reading a story that proves the current DA is more focused on holding the position than the job. In this latest case he showed a complete disregard for finding the most qualified person for the position over political cronyism.

Whether the stories we read are about the current DA writing letters on behalf of Joe Vaudo, convicted of selling shellfish stolen from local shellfishermen, allegations of tipping off friends to gambling investigations, or any of the other headlines in the past 13 years, it is clear that the current DA is only interested in the political power of his position and not focused on rising crime and how to address our opiate crisis.

Once elected as District Attorney I will work with the police and share what I’ve learned as a defense attorney to improve investigations into criminal activities. I will actively pursue nonprofit drug rehabilitation programs for opiate addicts. I am not interested in power or patronage, I am interested in making the Cape and Islands a safer place for our children, our visitors and the people that call this wonderful place “home.”

It’s time for a change.


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55 cases scheduled and only ONE ADA?

As a local attorney I travel to different courts in this district.  I see things every day that demonstrate the need for more attention and better management and reveal missed opportunities to improve our public safety.

falmouthcourtToday I had cases scheduled in Falmouth Court and once again witnessed an issue that shows management in the DA’s office has to change.

Fifty-five cases were on the list to be heard today. But, out of 23 assistant district attorneys,  there was only one Assistant District Attorney present.  Many cases were simply continued.

Falmouth is the second busiest court in the district. There is a basic problem with management here.  We need a DA who will understand why continuing these cases is wrong for all of our public safety and, even though some might not want to consider this, it is wrong for those who’ve been arrested and are waiting for whatever happens next.  And, it is not fair to that one ADA.

There has to be a better way to manage a staff of 23 attorneys. I am making a commitment to do just that.

The focus needs to be on doing the job, not holding the position.

It’s time for a change.

- Rick Barry

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Issues and Discussions

I am working on the details of several issues that need to be addressed in our courts, overseen by the current DA. I have been listening to your concerns and many are the same concerns I have, they are the reasons I am running.

I have been practicing here for 25 years and see so many problems that can be addressed with a little extra effort.

The current DA is too comfortable in his seat, he hasn’t been challenged enough and his focus is on his friends, not his constituents. He is too far removed from those of us who live in the neighborhoods outside of his exclusive gated community.

As we do research it is also clear there is a protective shell around information that should be accessible by all.

More to come. Watch this space!

And please, I am listening to you and value your input.  Contact me by email:

Rick Barry.


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CC Times: Victims’ reactions to DA’s letter supporting criminal

In case you missed it, a story about reactions to the current DA’s latest behavior. Rick Barry will focus his efforts on public saftey for the rest of us, not personal favors for the few.

The full story with links to the letter and other legal documents can be found here:

Oyster farmers stew over letter

Victims of last summer’s oyster thefts that cost local shellfish farmers thousands in lost business and damaged equipment want a Sandwich business owner who accepted the stolen goods to lose his permits to sell fish.

And some are outraged that Cape and Islands District Attorney Michael O’Keefe wrote a letter that they say appears to advocate for the perpetrator rather than his victims.

Continue reading

It’s time for a change

familydog (250x222)I am ready to serve the residents of the Cape and the Islands

I am running because I believe the District’s Attorney’s responsibility is to the people he serves.

I am running because I believe our current District Attorney has not been able to protect our most precious resource, our children.

I am running because I know I have the skills to tackle our growing drug problem and the effects it is having on our neighborhoods and communities. We need to feel safe, and know that once the police have done their job the District Attorney will do his job. Read Rick’s full message here

Barry responds to Joe’s Lobster story: Who is advocating for the victims?


“It’s time for a District Attorney who cares about the victims, not the politically connected.” — Richard Barry, Candidate for District Attorney Cape and Islands

Cotuit, MA – July 8, 2014: The latest story of questionable behavior coming from the current District Attorney’s office has DA Candidate Richard Barry wondering who is advocating for victims.

Joseph Vaudo, owner of Joe’s Lobster Mart in Sandwich pleaded guilty to charges of receiving oysters stolen from local fishermen. At least one of those transactions involved oysters stolen from a contaminated bed in Yarmouth which prompted the State Department of Health to file an intent to revoke Vaudo’s license to sell seafood.

According to a July 6 Cape Cod Times article, DA Michael O’Keefe, whose office prosecuted Vaudo, wrote a letter supporting Vaudo’s appeal to the state seeking to keep his license. The Times article makes note of Vaudo’s financial contributions to O’Keefe’s political allies’ campaigns. O’Keefe’s relationships with these politicians, the mutual fundraising and campaigning efforts, are no secret.

DA candidate Richard Barry was an environmental prosecutor for the Cape and Islands and held and worked a shellfish grant in Barnstable Harbor for three years. He understands the demanding work that shell fishermen do every day to pay their bills and make a living on the Cape and Islands.

“The victims in this case are the shell fisherman who were robbed and suffered loss of profit while Vaudo admitted to buying and selling those oysters,” said Barry. “While the DA advocates for the criminal who pleaded guilty in this case, who is advocating for compensating the victims?”

Joseph Vaudo was prosecuted for receiving stolen shellfish that he planned to sell and lying to police officers investigating the case. While he faced a maximum penalty of ten years in prison he was given what many feel was a slap on the wrist, a fine and no request for restitution for the victims of the theft.

“He should have been indicted like Michael Bryant the alleged thief in this case,” said Barry. “Instead, Cape and Islands District Attorney Michael O’Keefe took the time to write a letter of support, at the request of Vaudo’s lawyer, to the Department of Public Health in an effort to help Vaudo keep his license to continue to sell fish and shellfish.”

Barry has been hearing from people across Cape Cod who are tired of the political cronyism and questionable ethics reported throughout the current DA’s career, behavior that has been reported locally and nationally. Not long ago embarrassing stories about the DA’s inappropriate behavior were part of national headlines and books about the Christa Worthington case, causing many to ask about where the victim fit into his priorities. The DA’s behavior led to his removal from the investigation of the case.

Now that the DA’s letter supporting a man who played a role in causing local shell fisherman to lose hard-earned money has become public, Barry is again hearing from people who wonder about the DA’s priorities.

“What about the victims?” asks Barry, “Do they think justice was achieved? It’s time for a District Attorney who cares about the victims, not the politically connected.”

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Committee to Elect Richard Barry District Attorney for the Cape and Islands
4728 Falmouth Road
Cotuit, MA 02635

Campaign is underway – momentum is building

Richard Barry Candidate for Cape and Islands District AttorneyAs Rick Barry travels around the district speaking to residents and voters, he is getting positive feedback and encouragement.

People want a change. People feel the current DA has been in office too long, not enough is being done about the important issues and the problems we are all dealing with in our own neighborhoods.

Rick is ready to meet with any group, whether it’s and organization or just a group of neighbors and friends in a living room.

He wants to hear from you. He wants to know what concerns you. Please contact the campaign and we will arrange a visit.


OR contact Rick:


Richard Barry's campaign for District Attorney is front-page news

District Attorney’s Race is Front Page Announcement in the Cape Cod Times

Cape Cod Times Front page story:

“I am looking forward to opportunities to tell the voters in my district my plans to make the Cape and Islands a better place to raise our kids.  My focus will be on giving our police and judicial personnel the tools and support they need.”

Contested race for DA this year

At least two people will seek the Cape and Islands district attorney job in the upcoming election.

Incumbent Michael O’Keefe of Sandwich, a Republican, is running for re-election and will face his first challenger since being elected in 2002.

Cotuit criminal defense attorney Richard Barry, a Democrat, will run for the four-year position as well.

Both candidates are planning formal announcements soon.

Nominations papers for the position must be filed by April 29 with local election officials for certification of registered voters, according to the state. The state primary is Sept. 9, and the state election is Nov. 4.

The Cape and Islands District Attorney’s Office investigates and prosecutes criminal cases in the Juvenile, District and Superior courts as well as the state Appeals Court and Supreme Judicial Court on behalf of the commonwealth and the people of Barnstable, Nantucket and Dukes counties.

The position paid $149,000 in the calendar year 2010, according to state records. The annual budget of the office is about $4 million.

“We’re well underway and have been since late January in seeking the signatures that are necessary to get on the ballot,” O’Keefe said Saturday. “We’ve had teams of people out all over the Cape.”

O’Keefe, 63, faced a challenger in 2002, his bid to succeed retiring District Attorney Phillip Rollins, but had no opposition in the re-election campaigns in 2006 and 2010.

In the 2002 race, O’Keefe defeated Republican John “Jack” Meade in the primary election, and Democrat Kevin Callahan in the Cape and Islands election.

Barry, 50, worked for Rollins from 1990 to 1992 as a prosecutor at the District Court level. He has been in private practice since then. He was a Barnstable Town Council representative for Cotuit, Precinct 7, from 1999 to 2011. He is chairman of the Cotuit Fire District Prudential Committee, which oversees the Fire District.

He has obtained nomination papers for the district attorney job and is preparing a website among other early campaign tasks, he said.

Barry’s primary motivation for running is what he said is the epidemic of opiate addiction on Cape Cod, he said Saturday.

“I have kids, and that’s the one thing I’m most afraid of,” Barry said. A majority of the drug cases are handled in District Court, but prosecutors don’t have enough resources — such as chemists — to successfully prosecute the cases, Barry said.

“I know where things can be improved,” he said.

In a 2002 pre-election interview, when asked about the direction in which he would steer the district attorney’s office, O’Keefe focused on maintaining high professional standards among new lawyers. He also promised to advocate for more state resources to keep the department afloat and speed up a backlog at the state crime lab.

O’Keefe worked under Rollins for 20 years before his election in 2002. His office has won several high-profile cases, including the conviction of Christopher McCowen in the 2002 murder of Truro fashion writer Christa Worthington.

Offices of district attorneys are one of a handful of district-level public offices filled by a vote of registered voters in Massachusetts. The district offices also include governor’s councilors, state senators and state representatives.

You can read the full article here.